Terms and Condition

WebDesignTree.net offers a cash back surety. Should you be miserable with the first outlines we give, we will discount everything paid. There are some special cases, and in spite of the fact that it is impossible you will need to make utilization of our assurance arrangement, you ought to comprehend those conditions under which we can’t give a discount:

  • We have added to the logos for you past the first beginning plans.

In the event that you have officially affirmed or endorsed the acknowledgment of a configuration, we can’t give a discount. Your endorsement speaks to an acknowledgment of the last venture and serves as an understood articulation of fulfillment.

On the off chance that you have neglected to correspond with us for over sixty days, any discounts will be at the carefulness of Small Business Logos

On the off chance that the organization for whom the configuration was performed ought to close, change its name, or experience different adjustments rendering an outline sick fitting, we can’t issue a discount.

On the off chance that you obtained an “Extraordinary Offer” that does not constitute one of our standard bundles as publicized.

The cash back assurance does not have any significant bearing to print

Our risk is restricted to the installment got from you against the venture. On the off chance that you wipe out a task we will have the privilege to offer or utilize the plans appeared to you as we may esteem fit. Should you get a discount, you have no privilege to utilize any of the logo ideas we have composed. The Copyright stays with Small Business Logos


We will tell you of any discount because of you by means of email inside of a sensible timeframe and will for the most part process the discount because of you inside of 30 days of the day we affirmed to you that you were qualified for a discount. We will discount the cost of an inadequate item in full, any pertinent conveyance charges and any sensible expenses you bring about on giving back the thing to us.

On the off chance that you choose our Ultimate bundle we will keep outlining until you are glad. There are a couple of exemptions in which case we would not keep on making corrections:

When you have affirmed the last outline

  • In the event that you have taken last conveyance of the logo
  • In the event that you acquired a “Unique Offer” that does not constitute one of the above bundles
  • In the event that you have neglected to speak with us for over sixty days, any further corrections will be at the attentiveness of Small Business Logos
  • In the far-fetched occasion that we neglect to see eye to eye over a logo outline Small Business Logos maintains all authority to stop chipping away at a logo plan. We will obviously give you a full discount under these circumstances


The costs cited on the Small Business Logo site are limited time costs and are liable to change. These costs cover the configuration and studio time for the plans and any related organization. We concur as a major aspect of the advancement inside of the Ultimate bundle to roll out a boundless measure of improvements to the starting logo plans until you are fulfilled at no extra cost. Individual configuration things, for example, letterhead, comps slips and so forth may be acquired independently and are estimated on the site in that capacity.

We try to turnaround first draft logo outlines inside of the concurred timescale for the bundle acquired and we try to turnaround all configuration amendments inside of 2 to 3 working days.

The site costs depend on volume business and along these lines there may sporadically be little postponed in the turnaround. WebDesignTree won’t be subject for any postponements brought on amid the configuration process. Whilst each exertion is made to guarantee there are no postponements, it is your obligation to get in touch with us in the occasion that outlines have not been gotten inside of the concurred timescales. We won’t be considered in charge of deferrals made due non-receipt of messages.

Input gave in connection to the configuration must be clear and productive. Any telephone calls or live errand person visits must be trailed by an email unmistakably illustrating the required changes. Configuration changes will just start when this email has been gotten.

Just email affirmation to close down/favor the configuration will be acknowledged. When a configuration has been closed down and last records made the outlined procedure will be viewed as complete and any further changes will be chargeable.