Should be focus on your website text mistakes

Not every page on your website is the same. This way you have the main page. A contact page. An about us page. A service page.

The texts are structured differently per page.

The main page is a short summary of what the reader can expect on your website. If you have a few services, it is useful to put them on the front page. That way, the reader immediately knows what you have to offer.

Collect your email addresses then you can put the giver on the main page.

About 50% comes to me via the main page. I use Google analytics to see what a customer considers important to view. I then place the button clearly visible on my main page. You can also treat the expected follow-up page like this. In this way, you create a clear path.

Main page

Texts on the main page are short to very short. The customer has arrived here to click through. They scan the page as quickly as possible.

Of course, this is different if your giver is central.

Services page

The page about your service is actually a sales page. You must, therefore, treat this as a sales page.

There are various theories about the sales page, but this is usually a long page without distractions.

The menu is often omitted. As well as the sidebar.

Usually, reviews are added to convince people of your expertise. A portfolio is of course also possible. Or both.

Contact page

The contact page. You can keep this short. People want to send an email to you here. See where your office is. Or look up your telephone number. This must, therefore, be clear.

About us page

People want to know who they do business with. You can tell something about you here. What you can do for the customer and maybe some reviews. This way you can see everything on 1 page about you and your delivered work.


The most important pages are in your main menu. You can also create a submenu and possibly various menus in the footer (bottom of your website).

You also cannot include pages in your menu. So-called “real” sales pages. You only come here if you click on an advertisement on Facebook or in Google Ads. These types of pages are written via a fixed pattern. The purpose of this page is to convert the paid click into a lead or even customer.

All pages in the main menu have as the main goal to let your customer know who you are and what problem you are solving.

General about texts: The problem you solve

You write from the customer. For example, if you sell a touring bicycle, you could indicate in your text how much fun it is to ride through the forest in the sun on Sunday. You give a kind of imagination to your text.

The pages, therefore, contain the pages. If you participate in a form of content marketing, then you also keep a blog. Here you will find your messages or articles.

To write from your client, you must, therefore, know what kind of questions he has. You can find out a large part of those questions with a keyword search.

Process SEO in your text

A keyword search, therefore, has a dual function. It indicates what the customer is looking for. So it actually gives you a lot of ideas for your blog.

The second function is actually why everyone is talking about keyword research. Namely the high score in Google with certain words. If you have a services page, for example, it is useful to optimize it for the words that customers use in Google.

Keyword research

You can use different tools and tactics for keyword research.

I use the Google Ads keyword planner myself. in addition, the Google suggestions that you see as soon as you start typing. You can also find this at the bottom of the Google page. I also view the competitor’s URLs. I look at the pages of the competitor’s website. You can also use Google Trends.

Length of the text

Texts are important for the search engine. A search engine like Google may be very smart, but needs words to understand the content. More text is generally better for SEO, but on a general page can sometimes be an overkill for your reader. In your articles, you can go wild with a long text.

Customers will not read most of the text since they scan the page for useful information. You must, therefore, provide good subtitles. Subtitles that tell your story a bit like a summary.